~ Oh How The Angels Sing ~

In the sparkling crystal coolness of a quiet winter night,
Was a boy child in a manger bathed in soft and holy light.
As a star shined high above Him, as the angels sang for joy,
They were welcoming the King of Kings in a tiny baby boy.
On a hillside shepherds huddled 'round a warm inviting flame,
It was just another winter night; How soon their lives would change.
For suddenly surrounding them were angel voices clear,
Singing, " Glory to God in the highest," The shepherds shook with fear.

When all at once the fear was gone, replaced with peace untold,
As angels brought good tidings, the story did unfold.
They told of how a King had come and in a manger lay,
In a quiet town in Bethlehem in a stable filled with hay.
Of how this little boy child was of a virgin birthed,
Fulfilling old time prophecies of Messiah come to earth.
The angels bade the shepherds to go and find the babe,
To seek the King of Glory in a manger filled with hay.

As suddenly as they had come the angels now were gone,
With them went the brilliant light and the night sky filled with song.
Yet over tiny Bethlehem on that cool and cloudless night,
Hung a sparkling star of promise; What a wondrous, glorious sight.
The shepherds made their journey while following the star,
They were looking for the tiny babe; It couldn't be too far.
When from a simple stable a baby's cry was heard,
The shepherds knew the melody was the Promise of God's Word.

They fell before the tiny King and worshipped Him with joy,
While all around the angels sang to the little baby boy.
For the humble little stable held a King beyond compare,
Not just an ordinary babe, but a Gift from God so rare.
At last those things had come to pass the prophets had spoken of,
God's Promise now had come to life; How great the Father's love.
That He would choose to send His Son in a tiny baby boy,
And make His life a sacrifice; How the angel's sing for joy.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1995 ~ All Rights Reserved

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