The tender touch of angel wings,
Brush softly past your face;
Summoned by soft spoken prayers,
To stand here in this place.

Called to keep and guard you,
To touch your heart with love;
Sent as special messengers,
From a holy place above.

Sent to whisper words of peace,
To calm a restless soul;
Sent to watch you as you sleep,
Their angel wings unfold.

They cover you with tenderness,
They watch your slumbering face;
They call you into peaceful rest,
As they stand here in this place.

They walk beside you every step,
As you go about your day;
Their mission is to guard you,
As you travel on your way.

So if you feel a tender touch,
A breeze upon your face;
Just know I prayed for angels,
To keep you in this place.

Allison Chambers Coxsey