Little babe with eyes of blue,
Heaven must have smiled on you;
The day God formed you in His hand,
He had for you a special plan.

To give His gift of joy and love,
He sent an angel from above;
His hand caressed your tiny face,
To fill you with His love and grace.

Then when His laughter filled the air,
He touched your heart and placed it there;
The sweetest part of God's own soul,
He poured in you to make you whole.

Then He bade the angels come,
To see the gift was almost done;
Sweet lullabies then filled the air,
For the tiny angel slumbering there.

As angels leaned to kiss your face,
Two dimples formed to take their place;
While crystal angel's voices ring,
Your gold curls formed like angel's wings.

Tears fell from the angel's eyes,
As one by one they said goodbye;
For God would send you down to earth,
A gift from Heaven at your birth.

Little babe with eyes of blue,
God's sweetest gift was sending you.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1996 ~ All Rights Reserved


Poetry showcased on this page is from the collection of
Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1996.

Artwork showcased on this page by Kathryn Andrews Fincher.
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