Twin beams of light shine heavenward,
Illuminate the sky;
Shining beacons of hope and faith,
To remember those who died.

Lights to shine upon a path,
That lead to a better place;
A flame held high, for those gone on,
Glimmers 'cross time and space.

The day will come, when the lights are dimmed,
But not in the heart of man;
For they will shine as long as we
Remember and understand...

... that evil lives among us,
But good will conquer all;
And freedom rings for everyone,
For those both great and small.

Beacons shine and fill the sky,
In memory of those taken that day...
But a life remembered in your heart,
Can never be taken away.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 2002




Photograph showcased on this page is one that was circulated on the internet.
It is one of the many photos taken at the lighting of the
World Trade Center Memorial.

Poetry on the page by Allison Chambers Coxsey.
DO NOT TAKE without written permission from Ms. Coxsey.

Music on this page is "When Two are One",
used with permission of the composer, Bruce DeBoer, 2000

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