We were two little sets of footprints,
Two dirty little faces;
We caught frogs, chased puppy dogs,
Played ball and ran some races.

We raced across the sands of time,
Keeping up with one another;
Two best friends until the end,
Heart to heart -- sister and brother.

We don't know where life will lead,
Or how the story will end;
But no matter what path we walk on,
I'm forever your best friend.

While we can't always be together,
We'll never be too far apart;
I give to you the best of me....
A friend and all of my heart.

I'll share with you our memories,
Of life we lived together;
I'll give a gift of laughter,
To carry you through stormy weather.

So as you look back through the years,
Just look inside your heart;
As long as we share Brotherly Love,
We'll never be apart.

Allison Chambers Coxsey

A message from Carol....

Dedicated to my "big" brother, Donald.
I love you, Smitty.



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