. . . BUT YET . . .

I wonder how my life would be,
If we had never met;
How would it have been different,
I wonder still, but yet....

I know it wouldn't be as rich,
As you have made it be;
And there would be an empty place,
In the very heart of me.

I would go through my life wondering,
What caused this place in my heart;
To always feel so empty,
Not knowing you played a part.

Like a missing piece of the puzzle,
In a mystery, the clue;
Not knowing that the empty space,
Could only be filled by you.

And if I passed you on the street,
If we had never met;
Would I have seen you differently,
I wonder still, but yet....

Even though you would be,
But a stranger standing there;
I know my heart would recognize,
Your eyes and sun kissed hair.

Something deep within my heart,
Way back within my soul;
Would know you were the missing part,
Come to make this heart whole.

I know if your eyes met my gaze,
You too would recognize;
The clue to our life's mystery,
Within this woman's eyes.

I wonder how our lives would be,
If we had never met;
Would your heart have an empty space,
I wonder still, but yet....

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1995 ~ All Rights Reserved

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