Like a candle in the wind,
A sparrow in the storm;
A child that's lost out in the cold,
With nothing to keep it warm.
My heart is like the candle,
Exposed to every wind;
That threatens to blow out its light,
Still it flickers again.

Just like a tiny sparrow,
Torn by stormy breeze;
I'm tossed by a force much stronger,
That brings me to my knees.
And like the child out in the cold,
Seeking a place to warm;
I'm looking for that shelter,
Where I am safe from harm.

A common thread between myself,
The candle, the sparrow, the child;
Each of us needs a shelter,
A resting place for a while.
A harbor out of the rushing wind,
Quiet, safe and warm;
A place that I can run to,
Where I am safe from the storm.

Allison Chambers Coxsey