Christmas Memories

There is a memory in my heart,
When Christmas comes around;
Children's laughter filled the air,
And blessed it with joyous sound.

A little bit of magic,
Like sparkle on the snow;
Time stood still, now time is gone,
Where did the laughter go?

Where did the piping carols go,
The ones my child used to sing?
They're tucked so deeply in my heart,
In memories Christmas brings.

Where did the little stockings go,
That hung on the mantle with care?
Tucked away in my box of dreams,
Of the child no longer there.

For Christmas brings a special ache,
Deep within my soul;
For the child I loved and now is gone,
The half that made me whole.

Gone are the dreams of our future,
Left is a distant past;
Yet childish laughter rings in my heart,
And memories that will last.

Celebrate Christmas in Heaven, my child;
Let your laughter fill the air;
Until the day I am by your side,
My love will be with you there.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, © 2002

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