There was a time so long ago,
She stood on Daddy's feet;
Her head tipped back, she laughed at him,
With a childish voice so sweet.

They whirled & swirled, they dipped & swayed,
The music played on and on;
But the melody of her laughter,
Was her Daddy's favorite song.

She climbed into her Daddy's lap,
To rest there in his arms;
Her head tucked there beneath his chin,
A bundle sweet and warm.

Her head would nod, her eyes would droop,
As she lay there on his chest;
The safety of his loving arms,
Brought peaceful, slumbering rest.

Those days have passed, the years have dimmed,
But memories are not gone;
Of the little girl on her Daddy's feet,
Dancing to his favorite song.

Allison Chambers Coxsey