An endless sea of faceless names,
Upon a granite wall;
A silent testimony,
To those who gave their all.

Each name a life left unfulfilled,
Betrayed by destiny;
Now stands in reverent honor,
For all the world to see.

The roll call of the fallen ones,
Rings silent through the air;
As shadow falls across 'The Wall',
You feel their presence there.

They do not cry out for justice,
Nor do voices plead for peace;
But simple words echo in the wind...
"Do you remember me?"

A tear slides down an aging cheek,
As those words ring out again;
For a moment he's back, somewhere in time,
And cradles his dying friend.

A hand stretched out to touch a name,
Another raised in salute;
To honor those they left behind,
In the springtime of their youth.

An endless sea of faceless names,
On a Wall of destiny,
And voices that whisper in the wind,
"Do you remember me?"

Allison Chambers Coxsey 2001

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This poem, "Do You Remember Me?" was written as a tribute to
those lost in the Vietnam Conflict.
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Music is "Green Green Grass of Home", sequencer unknown.

Date Created: 11/08/01

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