Waking from a tortured sleep, escaping from the night;
I looked out of my window into a blinding light.
Confused by all the brightness, my heart was racing wild;
I heard the soft sweet singing of a precious little child.
She sang a song of Jesus and how He loves her so;
The song came from her spirit and heart as white as snow.
I looked out from the window, she bade me come outside;
With nothing else that I could do, I had no place to hide.
I stepped across the threshold into a different world;
I looked into the sparkling eyes of a little red haired girl.

I felt that I should know her, that maybe we had met;
But then, if I had known her, how could I just forget?
She smiled with trusting sureness and reached out for my hand;
Invited me to come with her to see this strange new land.
We walked across a valley, down to a river wide;
The water ran so pure and clear as we stood there side by side.
I gazed there in amazement, there were children everywhere;
They were running, playing, singing...their laughter filled the air.
There were children of all ages, of every kind and race;
A special kind of brightness glowed from each tiny face.

There were tiny little babies, nestled in the grass so green;
More children stood before me than I had ever seen.
In my heart I was bewildered, in my mind I think I knew;
The answer was so simple, I knew that it was true.
These were the little children, torn from their Mother's wombs,
The place of sanctuary had become a bitter tomb.
The lives that had been shortened, not felt a Mother's arms,
Were growing now in Heaven, now safe from any harm.
Looking at the children, as tears ran down my face;
I wept for all the millions who would come here to this place.

For children are a blessing, a heritage from the Lord;
The price of just one baby is more than we can afford.
Yet millions have died on the altar of a person's right to free choice;
While these children don't have that same freedom and cry with a silent voice.
I turned to the little red haired girl with her sparkling eyes of blue;
I looked into the depths of her very soul and cried, "Why do I know you?"
The child looked up in innocence and this was her reply;
"I felt you in my spirit on the day I had to die.
I felt you when you prayed for me as my life was taken away,
I knew that you were praying on that cold and bitter day.

It's not that your prayers were not answered, but the deed was already done;
There are many who live because of your prayers, but I just wasn't the one."
"But why," I cried, "Am I standing here and why did you choose me?
What can one person do in the face of this terrible enemy?"
"I'm so glad you asked that question," The little girl replied;
"Now I can give you the reason you are standing by my side.
I went and talked to Jesus and told Him of your prayer;
He already knew of your sacrifice and how in your heart you care.
I asked Him if we could use you to send this message today;
That me and Jesus forgive them and love them anyway."

So suddenly I awakened, I jumped up with a start;
Nothing I could do would calm the racing of my heart.
I couldn't believe what happened, it must have been a nightmare.
Yet I couldn't erase the memory of the child with the flaming red hair.
Just as suddenly it came to me, the reason behind the dream;
God's Spirit had uttered a holy cry against this unholy thing.
I fell down on my face and wept at the lie Satan sold the world;
For the lives of millions of babies and the little red haired girl.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1996




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Artwork showcased is from the collection of Anne Geddes, image Anne Geddes
and used with permission

Music on this page is entitled "Mysterious",
as performed by master pianist/composer, Yuko Ohigashi

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