Her wings lay torn and tattered where they fluttered to the ground,
Where once there was a song of joy there now was no more sound.
The air was filled with silence for there was no song to sing,
Gone was the love that lifted her...the Wind beneath her wings.

Gone the inspiration, the laughter in her soul,
She lay in broken promises with no one to make her whole.
For when the Wind beneath her wings so suddenly was gone,
The angel spiraled to the ground, falling broken and alone.

The air around grew silent, not a whisper in the wind,
Just the Fallen Angel's breaking heart was a distant sound within.
A soft and plaintive weeping sound swirled and danced across the sky,
As a single tear fell to the ground from the Fallen Angel's eye.

The tear fell on a seed of love that lay within her hand,
Clutched closely to her beating heart, so slowly it began.
From that tiny seed of love a song began to sing,
A song of a Fallen Angel and The Wind beneath her wings.

The song sang of undying love as it floated on the wind,
A song of true forgiveness with no beginning or no end.
It whispered to the night sky, it sang its melody,
It serenaded to the moon, to the flowers and the trees.

It sang across the meadows, past the stars and past the moon,
Then drifted 'round the Angel like a lingering perfume.
But still she lay in silence, a quiet broken thing,
Listening, waiting for the sound....of the Wind beneath her wings.

Allison Chambers Coxsey

The Angel lay in silence, cold and broken on the ground;
When carried on a distant breeze she heard a soft sweet sound.
A song danced 'cross the night sky past the moon and past the stars;
A song of new beginning touched the Fallen Angel's heart.

What was a song of sorrow with no beginning or no end,
Was now a joy filled melody as she listened to the Wind.
A song of inspiration poured forth into her soul,
Her tattered wings were lifted; the Wind 'neath them made her whole.

Laughter danced around her head in a sparkling brilliant light,
And with the Wind to lift her wings the Angel took to flight.
Flying through the twinkling stars she spiraled and she soared;
Spinning, swirling gracefully for her heart had been restored.

Stardust sprinkled from her wings as she soared into the night;
A glittering path her laughter left as she floated 'cross the sky.
Then gently from the Angel's heart a song began to sing;
The same song of undying love for the Wind beneath her wings.

The notes sang of forgiveness and floated through the air.
Mingling with the song of the Wind as they danced in beauty there.
As stars shine in the heavens, two songs 'cross night skies ring;
A song of the Fallen Angel and the Wind beneath her wings.

Allison Chambers Coxsey



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Poetry showcased on this page is from the collection of
Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1996.

Artwork showcased is an image from purchased clip art.

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