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Fly away my angel,
Spread your wings and fly;
Take the beauty of your soul,
And share it with the sky.

Take the warmth within your heart,
And put the sun to shame;
The glow of summer's sunlight.
Will never be the same.
Take the strength within your soul,
From your heart, the tenderness there;
Behold the majesty of the sky,
Its beauty does not compare.
Take the splendor of the stars,
That twinkles in the sky;
It fades in the matchless sparkle,
Of the beauty there in your eyes.

Fly away my Angel,
For I have set you free;
I will wait here patiently,
Until you fly back to me.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1997



Artwork used on this page is "The Gift", image Lee Bogle
and used with permission.

Poetry by Allison Chambers Coxsey.
Please DO NOT TAKE without Ms. Coxsey's permission!

Music on this page is "From Afar", used with permission of Bruce DeBoer 2000

Graphics designed by by Carol Lafleur, for my personal use.
Please DO NOT TAKE!!!


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