There is a place of quiet rest,
Living deep within the soul;
Filled with mercy, grace and love,
Designed to make you whole.
A place of sweet contentment,
So far from shattered dreams;
The secret of forgiveness,
A healing, flowing stream.

The waters flowing from the stream,
Are touched by God's own hand;
For by His grace, forgiveness flows,
To the heart of mortal man.
Then deep within forgiveness,
Seeds of tender mercy sown;
Are watered by the hand of God,
And as they bloom and grow...

They blossom forth in beauty,
Just like a rose so rare;
Rising up from deep within,
Their fragrance fills the air.
The sweetness of forgiveness,
Of mercy, grace and love;
A healing stream poured into your soul,
From the Father's hand above.

Allison Chambers Coxsey