. . . TO MY FRIEND . . .

So many different kinds of love,
From the beginning to the end;
From the tender touch of a baby's love,
To the love of a dearest friend.

The comforting love of a family,
Who love you for who you are;
Though many miles come in between,
That love can reach so far.

From the sweet love of my children,
Who walk in my footsteps through life;
To the unconditonal love between,
A husband and a wife.

There's that first love that I ever had,
That broke my teenage heart;
It's funny, I still have a tender spot,
Like I did right from the start.

There's the undying love for you, precious friend,
We've been through so much together;
A friendship that stayed intact throughout,
Both good and stormy weather.

Just like the sparkling colors,
In the kaleidoscope of time;
So many loves I have reached out and touched,
Or have touched this heart of mine.

So many different kinds of love,
From the beginning of life to the end;
Still, yours has grown to be priceless,
My dear and sweet, faithful friend.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1996 ~ All Rights Reserved

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