You walked through my world;
In this dance we call life,
Dancing with me in joy,
Dancing with me in strife.

You gave me the song,
And gave me the chance;
To learn about love,
When you taught me to dance.

It was not just the music,
Nor the steps that we made;
But is now in sweet memories,
That never will fade.

For love was your music,
And life was your song;
You taught me the dance,
And how to be strong.

You showed me what love was,
Even in your goodbye;
Now we've come full circle,
In this dance we call life.

So, dance with the angels,
And may you find rest;
Your song's in my heart,
And my life, fully blessed.

Allison Chambers Coxsey

In Memory of my Mother
Pauline Estelle James