. . . G O O D B Y E . . .

Wisps of distant memories,
Are dancing in my soul;
The sweetness and the sadness,
Will follow wherever I go.
For I will take you with me,
My heart will hold you near;
While wisps of distant memories,
Will mingle with my tears.

Arms that held me with such strength,
Will hold me still, at night;
In dreams of you, my comfort comes,
Until the morning light.
Then in the dawn of each new day,
I'll look there for your face;
In wisps of distant memories,
Time never can erase.

I'll see you in the evening,
In the setting of the day;
Your memory will hold me near,
You'll never be far away.
When I am standing on the shore,
And waves come crashing in;
I will hear your voice as it whispers,
Upon the ocean wind.

Deep within my shattered heart,
Amid the bittersweet pain;
In wisps of distant memories,
Your love will still remain.

Until I take my final breath...

Allison Chambers Coxsey
©2001 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Music is an original composition,
of Bruce DeBoer, copyright ©2000.

Artwork is from the
copyrighted work of Susan Rios,
©Susan Rios

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