Standing on life's threshold,
The future in your hands;
Each step you will be taking,
Designed by God or man...
Is but to be a stepping stone,
A road in life to choose;
The answers lie within your heart,
The choice to win or lose.

For life is but a path to walk,
Now laid there at your feet.
You've but to walk out on the path,
And every challenge meet.

The years go by so quickly,
Your childhood suddenly gone;
Before you turn around it seems,
Time for growing up has gone.

But, between God and your family,
There lies within your heart;
All the strength and knowledge,
To make a brand new start.

As you stand here on life's threshold,
The future in your hands;
Choose the path you'll walk on now,
As part of God's perfect plan.

Poetry showcased on this page is from the collection of Allison Chambers Coxsey.
Please DO NOT TAKE without written permission from Ms. Coxsey.

Graphic set designed for my exclusive personal use by Carol Lafleur.
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