Somewhere in a faraway land, a soldier lay silent in a foxhole, listening to the deafening silence of a momentary Christmas ceasefire. His only Christmas dinner...His military Meal's Ready To Eat...His only company...The memories of home and of his buddies who would never go home again for another Christmas.

Somewhere on a distant ocean, gazing across an endless starry sky, a woman thinks longingly of her children back home...A Mom, thousands of miles away, serving her country while Santa goes on without her. Tears wash her face as she thinks of little feet, padding to the tree on Christmas morning and her not there to witness one more year of her babies growing up.

And back "home," sorrow filled eyes gaze at a photo on the mantle...A tri-folded American Flag beside it...Another hero, never to come home again.

Sacrifice...Leaving everything behind to serve..."I'll be home for Christmas...If only in my dreams."

Miles away on a lonely post,
A soldier sits alone;
Dreaming back to days gone by,
Now, it's Christmas away from home.

Somewhere on an ocean blue,
A Sailor wipes a tear;
Duty calls, but still he yearns,
For the joy of bygone years.

And there among the ones who serve,
A woman thinks of home;
In service to her country,
This year, she is alone.

Away from friends and family,
The memories of home are clear;
When life was oh, so simple,
With loved ones gathered near.

Somewhere in a prison camp,
A heart cries out for home,
Where quiet desperation speaks...
"Did they leave me here alone?"

There in the lonely silence,
Soft and sweet and low;
A Christmas song begins to play,
And tears begin to flow.

For in the soft, sweet melody,
The memories start to stream;
Of, "I'll Be Home For Christmas,
If Only In My Dreams."

So, bless the sailor across the blue,
And the soldier who serves our land;
With Christmas dreams to fill their hearts,
Till they come home again.

Allison Chambers Coxsey

To all who serve or have served,
you will always have a home in my heart...
Bless you this Christmas and always...Allison

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