Watching the sand in the hourglass,
As it silently trickles away;
Seeing time slip though my fingers,
As quickly go the days.
Looking at each grain of sand,
As a tiny piece of time.
Too small to be measured,
Except by this heart of mine.

For every grain has a meaning,
Of time so fleeting and fast;
Each time that I see you,
More precious than the last.
Although those times are far between,
And for me all too few;
I treasure each tiny grain of sand,
As a moment spent with you.

For each moment brings me pleasure,
Savoring each morsel of time;
I drink from a cup of happiness,
As if tasting of sweet wine.
I draw from a well of contentment,
As long as I know you are near;
For one day I will look up,
And you will be standing here.

Bringing the joy you always bring,
Spilling sunlight into this place;
Warming my heart with your presence,
And the smile upon your face.
Watching the sand in the hourglass,
Until you are back with me;
As long as the tiny grains trickle down,
I will wait for you patiently.

Allison Chambers Coxsey