An Angel's Lullaby

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Sleep so sweetly slumbering babe,
Nestled snug and warm;
For the Father sends His angels,
To keep you safe and warm.

A bundle fresh from Heaven,
Without an earthly care;
Sleeping there in innocence,
Angels hover in the air.

They whisper to you sweet dreams,
They sing a lullaby;
An angel's song to soothe you,
To quiet you when you cry.

A song of peaceful harmony,
Caressing you as you sleep;
Words drift 'round your tiny head,
While angel's guard and keep.

Sleep so sweetly slumbering babe,
While time goes gently by;
Your angels watch and sing to you,
An angel's lullaby.

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 1995



Artwork used on this page is "Moonboat to Dreamland" by Hugh Williams.

Music on this page is entitled "Mysterious",
as performed by master pianist/composer, Yuko Ohigashi

Graphics designed by Carol Lafleur, for my exclusive use.
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