The first time that she held me,
Was underneath her heart;
God placed me there to feel her love,
Right from the very start.

The first time I heard a lullaby,
Her voice, so soft and warm;
In that haven of peace and slumber,
Nestled safely in her arms.

It was the sweetest melody,
Of love that lingers long;
The lullaby she sang to me,
Was my Mother's sweetest song.

Then as I went through childhood,
Her wisdom helped me grow;
A Mother's love to guide me,
To learn what I should know.

Looking back I wonder,
Was there a time she wasn't there?
No matter where life led me,
I was in my Mother's prayers.

Now winter winds blow softly,
'Cross love that lingers long;
In the beauty of the memory,
Of my Mother's sweetest song.

Allison Chambers Coxsey