She may be torn and tattered,
But, still our flag flies free;
Bought with a price, she proudly waves,
For all the world to see.

She will not be defeated,
Forever she will stand;
As Liberty, Freedom and Justice,
Ring throughout this land.

The stars and stripes are a symbol,
Of a country who still prays;
In God we trust --- our flag still stands,
America . . . home of the brave!!

Allison Chambers Coxsey, 2001

Graphics designed by Carol Lafleur, for
for exclusive use of Allison's Heart.
Please DO NOT TAKE!!

Poetry is written and copyrighted by Allison Chambers Coxsey.
DO NOT TAKE without written permission.
Music is "Star Spangled Banner." Sequencer unknown.

Date Created: 11/8/01

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