The oil of restoration,
Poured deep into my soul;
Was like a healing, soothing balm,
To make this vessel whole.
Forgiveness filled the vessel,
Poured in by gentle words;
A long awaited gift of hope,
The sweetest ever heard.

A hand reached out in tenderness,
And took each broken part;
Then gently pieced together,
The shattered soul and heart.
There cradled in that tender hand,
The vessel now was calm;
For it had felt compassion's touch,
In the healing soothing balm.

And there into each broken place,
The healing oil did pour;
Giving life back to the vessel,
As a heart was then restored.
At last the heart is resting,
The vessel filled with peace;
With oil of restoration,
The soul has been released.

Allison Chambers Coxsey