An angel stood between them,
Forgiveness was her name;
A promise made so long ago,
Yet now was not the same.
The gift of love and friendship,
Lay waiting in her heart;
A hand of love extended,
Like from the very start.

The angel with her crystal wings,
Outspread as if to soar;
The gift of promise from his heart,
Lay shattered on the floor.
For when the promise broke there,
A heart broke there as well;
From the pedestal she stood on,
The angel slowly fell.

She broke into a thousand lights,
That glimmered as the sun;
The promise of forgiving love,
In each and every one.
They shined there like a beacon,
For only him to see;
A promise rang there from her heart,
Despite its agony.

From each and every piece of glass,
Love and forgiveness poured;
Compassion reached out from her heart,
As she lay there on the floor.
An angel stood between them,
Forgiveness was her name;
And yet with broken promises,
Her love remained the same.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1996 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Artwork showcased on this page by
Abbott Handerson Thayer, 1849-1921.

Music is an original composition
of Bruce DeBoer, 2000

Another Original by Carol Lafleur