If God had given me the chance,
To search the world and find;
A very dear and special friend,
That I could choose for mine ---
I'd look for all the qualities,
Like strength and honesty;
I'd seek a caring, sharing heart,
And true integrity.

I'd find someone who's not afraid,
To share their hopes and dreams;
Who then in turn would listen,
As I share the same thing.

I'd look for one with honor,
With laughter in their soul;
Who gives more than they ever take,
Who brings me joy untold.

Then I'd turn to the Father,
And I'd ask if I was through.
He'd say that I could stop searching,
For I've found that friend in you.

Allison Chambers Coxsey
1995 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Music is an orginal composition
of Margie Harrell and used with permission

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a contributing artist of "Stock Stash"

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