There's no one like a Daddy,
In his children's eyes;
No greater friend or hero,
No other man so wise.
For Daddy holds a special place,
Within his children's hearts;
A place that God reserved for him,
Right from the very start.

Someone a child can run to,
A place where they can hide;
A shelter and a refuge,
Is at their Daddy's side.
There is a special tenderness,
Within a Daddy's arms;
There's no one else to take his place,
To keep them safe and warm.

There's nothing that a child will need,
More than a Daddy's love;
As long as it is a reflection,
Of our Heavenly Father above.
A Daddy leaves a footprint,
Steps for his child to fill;
A map in life to follow,
As he does his Father's will.

A Daddy is a special gift,
No other stands as tall;
When seen through the eyes of innocence,
Of his children when they're small.

Allison Chambers Coxsey