When word came to me that the Chapel of my former church back in Durant, Oklahoma,
Victory Life Family Worship Center had burned, my heart was broken.
So many wonderful memories came flooding back.

For 8 1/2 years, I sat under the inspirational teachings
of Pastor Duane Sheriff (See link below) and worked as secretary for the ministry.
Those were the most rewarding and life changing years of my life.

To my Brothers and Sisters back home, I pray this brings you comfort,
as God truly will bring beauty from ashes.

Beauty From Ashes

A Tribute to Victory Life Family Worship Center

Arising from the ashes,
Is beauty beyond compare;
Amidst the devastation,
God still is standing there.
He walks among the embers,
Surveys the wood and stone;
Then turning to His Church, He speaks,
“You do not stand alone.”

“For I, your God, am with you,
I brought you to this place;
And I will bring beauty from ashes,
If you only seek My face.”
He speaks with words of compassion,
Meant to set your heart free;
“Arise and walk where I send you,
And you shall find Victory.”

“It is not in the wood or stone,
But deep within your soul;
Seek what I freely give to you,
And I will make you whole.”
Arising from the ashes,
Is beauty beyond compare;
And the voice of a loving Father,
Who is with you...Standing there.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


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